and this is love.

this love. As I type this, my heart questions and wanders and I am really not sure where this goes. But I want to write about this love. Bear with me.

As I sit here, by the dimly lit Christmas tree, the faint hum of the overworked radiator, a blizzard whirling outside. What a picturesque moment. Would this moment be here without love? What an odd question. This moment has called me into reflection. It is time to peruse the deepest file cabinets of the past 5 months, pull out the rotting files and sort through the papers that are quivering on the brink of breaking loose. Let us let these chains loose.

This love. This strange and peculiar love has brought me to this exact moment here. I sit here on a foreign couch with two tiny children deep asleep in their cozy rooms just above me. I am sitting here without wifi connection and sadly, with a lack of wifi connection, this is one of the times I choose to delve into books or force myself to sit without any access to my Facebook or Netflix. Hence, here we go.

These last five months. Busy, joyful, whirlwind, fear, indescribably challenging, introspective, overwhelming, strengthening.  A few words that come to mind when I think of each day individually and the time as a whole.

If there’s one thing I wish for everyone, it would be for each person to relish and sink deeply into the moments we have felt love in the rocky and dark parts of our lives. To take these tiny yet magnanimous moments of contrasting goodness and absolutely dwell in them. So we can see the value of love.

It is one thing to feel love; perhaps in your friends regularly, or in the Lord’s presence, or when you succeed or in the love of your family and significant other. But have you tangibly recognized the love in your life in the craziness (pardon my lack for a better word, however, simply it is.) and treasured this?

If you are reading this, I beg that you look into your day and you find those little moments of love. The tender touch of a hand, the intent look of a stranger’s eyes as they listen to your request, even the seemingly necessary and culturally monotonous ‘how-are-you?’’s. I challenge you to feel these moments of goodness and tender shaking love.

Pain demands to be felt however love, this is a choice. Perhaps, this is the trick to being happy in this world. Choosing to love, choosing to accept love, choosing to give love. For I strongly believe that in the moments we sincerely give of ourselves, we are filled to the brim with overwhelming love. Perhaps I might go so far as to say this. When we give ourselves, we have nothing else to look to except in the way that Christ has OVERFLOWED into your life. Get this- we have the privilege to experience the same gift of self that Christ gave for us over 2000 years ago. Like we get to share in this experience, if we choose.

This is what I have learned. I spent hours per week devoting myself to my work this semester and I can look back in retrospect seeing the little conversations I should have grasped onto or the people I should have held onto a little tighter. I see that in my school work I should have chosen to seek knowledge, uniting myself to the love of what I was learning. I should have taken the leap instead of slinking back into the shadows of comfort, o my Lord, fear has such a deafening and paralyzing grip. These are the should have’s.

The did’s. I learned so freaking much about friendship this year. No cliche, no bull sh*t. Friendship-the real kind. The ‘sacrifice-what-feels-good, tear stained cheeks, gut wrenching pain and laughter that makes your heart hurt.’ kind. Friendship is hard but HOLY moly, is it worth the pain and tears and suffering and RISKS!

If you listen to anything, listen now. If you want to ask that girl to have coffee or you love her handwriting or you just love her sense of style. Even the way she laughs or smiles. Go do it, tell her. It’s worth it and I promise you, it’s a risk you’ll never regret.

It’s a funny thing that we are even scared of these risks to love others and to affirm others. Why? Why do we fear this?

I promise you, in these moments of discomfort and service in the teeniest tiniest ways, our rewards will be multiplied. Second, do not be afraid to become friends with those people who might be ‘out of your norm’. I know you thought of that one person while reading that sentence. Take a risk for love. Perhaps this person might hang out with different people than you do, maybe he has different areas of passion or ideas about life. Maybe she intimidates you. You have this moment, so why don’t you go? You literally have nothing to lose.

Allow yourself to grow in ways that will make you discover the beauty of things in life you never noticed, can you imagine the privilege of getting to see life through the eyes of another person? Let me tell you, friendship is NOT a call for those specifically called to it. No. Friendship is the cry of humanity! We desire love!! We desire to love others and be in love with others. If you are alone, I really promise that you are not because I just know that someone out there is searching for YOU.

Someone wants to hear the words that reverberate in your heart, the words that get you out of bed every morning. Someone needs to feel the love that you may feel you lack. The loneliest people on this earth, understand love in the deepest and most intimate way. As they understand the lack of love in their life-they will give and continue to give because they know. Please please seek those people who need you. You may need them as well.

So this love. I have learned of this love that sacrifices and serves. The last five months have taught me that this love is why I am here right now. And just as Someone died for me and you on that cross and suffered the most excruciating painful torture to exist today… just so I could have the opportunity to love. He does not force, no He allows me to choose this. Love is a choice we have to make each day. But I remember the cross and for some reason, there is nothing but This love that defines my will to wake up each day. His love is this love.

I would like to conclude with this story from Mother Teresa. I heard this story from David Scott in his fantastic book; The Love That Made Mother Teresa.

One day in Calcutta she took a woman in off the street. This woman suffered as her body was infested with open sores that were infected with bacteria and bugs. Mother Teresa patiently bathed her, cleaned her and dressed her wounds. The entire time the woman never stopped shrieking at her with swear words, insults and threats. Mother Teresa only smiled at her.

Finally, the woman snarled, “Sister, why are you doing this? Not everyone behaves like you. Who taught you?” Mother Teresa said simply, “My God taught me.” The woman asked to know her God. Mother Teresa kissed her on the forehead and replied, “You know my God. My God is called love.


Welcome, August.

Happy August lovelies!  So I thought it through and while I love writing these monthly posts that essentially end up being a post about what was trending in my life…I realized that that was not what I wanted to really write about.

I love the idea of recapping the month in one post, though. 

I figured, it would be an awesome way to sum up what’s been going on in my life not only for you all but also for myself. It’s mysteriously beautiful to sit down and think about the fact that 31 days just flew by and it helps to slow things down for just a little bit. I’ll also include a few of my favorites from this month. So here’s my recap of July for you all. Enjoy!

i. july recap

To sum it all up. The month of July has consisted of traveling, family time, long days in the office and a lot of stressful, impatient anticipation. You may have read my life update post which consisted of a little corner of what has been happening up until the first half of July.

With travels, I spent the first week of July in B’ham, Alabama visiting my best friend, Emily and staying with her family. Every time I head down to Alabama I’m constantly reminded of how much I just love everything down there. From the people, to-die-for food (shoutout to steel city pops & zoë’s kitchen, I’m confident you own a small piece of my heart), unique style to the accents and southern hospitality-what’s not to love. We spent a day in Atlanta, went shopping at The Summit, explored, ate a lot and spent time with friends. It was a short trip but one that was so wonderful and filled with a lot of catching up with so many long lost favorite people.

C’est la vie. (eng. translation: it’s the life) 

Middle to end of July; my family and I spent about 10 days in Canada. After spending a few nights in Montreal, Q.C. we made our way about 3 hours East (location wise; think right above Maine) to Baie St. Paul/ Charlevoix, a small town outside Quebec City.

We spent days in different parts of Quebec City shopping and trying our best to assimilate into the total French culture. My sisters and I gorged ourselves with an overwhelming amount of french gelato, crepes, French cheese and Macarons.

We found ourselves exploring churches and we somehow got chosen amongst the hundreds there to participate in a daily mass at the National Shrine of Saint Anne (Sainte-Anne Beaupre) which was quite unbelievable. We ventured out to the high waters and went on a 12.1 Kayak excursion and I really don’t know how we made it out alive. In the midst of all this, we ate at really really good french restaurants and I enjoyed much needed time with my family.

ii. trending in july

Current Book: 

“The Loser Letters” This book is a comic fictional tale on Atheism from the perspective of someone who has ‘sarcastically’ converted from Christianity to Atheism. Erbentraut writes with a witty and sarcastic tone that has literally made me burst out laughing.

Recent purchases: 

So my favorite purchase this month has been this dress right here from Gap. I have loved it because I wore it to a formal lunch meeting but then kept it on even when I was hanging out with friends late at night. I couldn’t find the exact one online so here’s a similar one!

Next fav purchase has been my NEW PLANNER! Ok, I have my life meticulously planned out always in my planner therefore the purchasing of a new planner for the year is basically monumental. And this year I actually made a switch from almost 5 years of buying a Lilly Pulitzer agendas to a bit of a different route by buying The Simplified Planner (which includes a 25% discount when you go to the link in red!) Seriously, I LOVE it and am so happy with the switch. I’m going to post a second blog post about the pros/cons between the two planner’s I’ve now used.



So I’ve been loving the cute trend of layering different necklaces and I’ve never had the chance to try it and I LOVED this Pendant necklace from Kate Spade. The little pendant is a pale pink and perfectly accents the gold. I love  it and have been wearing it since I’ve gotten it.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Another favorite purchase this month has been this Icy Lip Balm from L’Occitane. Hand’s down favorite beauty/skincare line. They don’t have a lot of store in the states but they do have one in Quebec City so the fam jam and I did go splurge a little there. I love this lip balm in particular (as they have many other scents/flavors) because it serves as ‘chapstick’ but also is perfect for a quick wake up in the middle of those long Mondays. Here you can find it!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



On TV: So for the past month I’ve been secretly obsessing a show on Netflix called Hart of Dixie. This show is about a big time NYC surgeon who becomes a small town doctor in Bluebell, Alabama. You get to watch the comical and humorous life of Zoe Hart as she encounters challenges, heartbreak and finds out what’s actually important in life. There’s something about the southern charm, realllllly good looking southern men, and Zoe’s life that I just fell in love with. ALSO this has been my absolute favorite show to watch as far as fashion and style go-I’m determined to find all of Zoe’s outfits.

etc. july happenings.

Can’t wait to see what July has in store for us! I have some goals set for August which include getting fully moved in and settled into my new suite at school (not pushing it off), becoming more positive about life which includes not complaining as much and making my prayer life more regular. What are your goals for August?
Here’s to a month of new beginnings, fresh slates and a time for adventures and memories. 

XO Caroline

A little life-check in.

Hello my lovely readers,

It is me, Caroline! I am reporting back to you after a verrryyy long time. So if you all bear with me, this is a real update. Not a ‘where I’ve bene traveling or how my Summer has been’ update but kind of like a life check in. I dove a little deeper on this one. So stay tuned. It has been a crazy, challenging and maybe a teensy bit of a stressful bundle of months.

To begin, I will give you all a short-lived explanation for my lack of blogging. Due to the unfortunate circumstance that I am a slightly poor college student, I am (very!) blessed to have a full time job working in customer service at my dad’s company along with 2 other part time jobs. Secondly, I broke my laptop! Yes, lesson learned guys: do NOT drink Starbucks or really any liquids whatsoever near your computer-not worth the risk. A new computer later it was a very harsh lesson that I would love for you to avoid experiencing!!!! Now that my computer is back, I’m excited to share what I have planned for the blog.

So a little peek into my little corner of life, I want to say that I have learned a great deal in the past year specifically about myself. As I mentioned earlier, it has been a full year and half of noticeable change after change. God has truly stretched me, challenged me, called me to something beyond myself and it has been a journey of making the choice each day to respond to His call of love.

I’m going to be very honest with you, that has been really hard.

Amidst the challenges I’ve had to face, I’ve seen such immense beauty as I continue learning to trust in Him. Being the girl who walked into my freshman year of college dead set on my major, I never ever ever expected to change my major, now….three different times. Some of my close friends reading this will be surprised to hear this because, one, I am not at all the type that changes things randomly (I prefer life to be rather structurally planned for me, these little surprises..not my thing) nor am I one to add unwanted stress to my life.

Second, I haven’t really told people because it’s something that I’m continuing to discern-and I’m still very anxious and stressed about it all. Being home has also been quite the change, as I’m sure many of my fellow college students can relate to. Going to work every day and sitting in an office-doing something that I am not necessarily passionate about is a struggle. It makes me so thankful to have the opportunity to learn and form a career in what I am passionate about as I go through college.

With being away from some of my best friends and through the busy-ness of life, my relationship with God has been strained. It’s been a distinctly beautiful blessing because I recognize the emptiness that seemingly seeps into my life as I fail to make my relationship with Him a priority. In a way, I have not really had the zeal for life because I don’t quite feel like I have a purpose being where I am right now. That is obviously a little more complicated and can be explained more thoroughly but not through a blog post. A lack of intentionality and personal motivation has clouded some areas of my life. For those of you who have read this far, you guys really are the real-est. I have a reason I’m writing this all-I promise.

I want to convey something very important. There is a specific reason I write posts and take pictures and have this blog and a little nagging in the back of my mind when I don’t post for a long time…the bottom reason I even started The Preppy Queen Bee (shoutout to to those who remember this!) is because I do I have a passion and love for writing and photography and I want to have this little space of mine that I get to be creative and pursue that.

Of course, I am honored if my readers and followers were ever inspired or took something from my blog and my posts-I hope for something more. While striving to be truly authentic by staying true to who I am and who I was created to be, I want to extend that to whomever reads or sees what I write. That is why I love my blog and that is why I post what I post. With that, that is the update on my life right now.

So actually side note, my sister’s are sitting in the car beside me (destination: our family vacation in Quebec, Canada) and we are currently watching “Evan Almighty”.  We just got finished with the scene where Evan’s wife has left with the kids because they think he’s gone crazy and God (aka Morgan Freeman) asks the mom (wife of Evan); “So when people pray for courage does God give them courage? Or maybe He gives them an opportunity to be courageous.” This hit home. I guess this is me just taking the opportunity God has given me to glorify Him and strive for more than just what this Earth has to offer.

I hope to be blogging more and continuing to do what I love on here and I can’t wait to grow and take you all on this journey of life with me!

“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.” -Pope Benedict XVI


How to Style: The Little Black Dress

Hi guys! I am so excited to put up a ‘fashion post’ FINALLY! {Due to the strenuous ‘college life’ this is way overdue..} I’m seriously so excited to share this one with you because it was so much fun to shoot and work with my great friend, Cate!

Cate {commonly referred to as Cat/Cate the Great ;)} has seriously got the whole dang package. She’s gorgeous, has an amazing creative eye, has a personality that will light up any room and she has the greatest knack of making anyone she’s around so joyful & happy, this is quite the gal, y’all.

So I really enjoyed making this post because a. I finally got to pull out my camera for a photo shoot-which I have not done in so long, so it was just like me in my major zone that I go into when taking pictures. Ahh I missed it. And b. it’s a bit of a fashion post with a twist!

We created this post in order to show you guys how to dress up a simple ‘basic’ dress in so many different ways-and this works with a variety of staple dresses. You may have seen this “Fit & Flare Jersey Dress” from Old Navy that has been pretty popular, but go ahead and click here to see what exactly we wore.

**The long-sleeved one we used in this post is actually out of stock! 😦 so I found this dress or this one here that are super similar to the one Cate and I wore.

So what makes this a little different?
Cate has the totally chic-eccentric ‘urban-50’s-chic’ sense of style while I tend to have a classic-preppy style of closet. Soooo we were talking and we’re like, why not just combine these two different sense of styles and show you guys a few different ways to dress up ONE LITTLE BLACK DRESS?

Therefore, we each did a casual and dressed up look with this-ONE black dress! I’m telling you guys-it’s about the basic wardrobe essentials, then all you gotta do is switch stuff around to dress it up or dress it down. This dress is super inexpensive, comfy as heck and you can wear it so many different ways. We hope you guys learn/are maybe a little inspired from this post!

If you have questions/comments put them below-we want to answer them!


Cat in Black With a Twist

This absolutely darling outfit, is Cate’s eccentrically/chic-casual spin of the Little Black Dress. Here she dressed it up casually with some quirky staple pieces but still has the black dress as her main staple. Check it out!


Here she incorporated a colorful, patterned scarf, with the black dress-this is the perfect ‘pop of color’.



This over-sized denim jacket, definitely accentuates the casual spin on her outfit-even popping the color like she did in the picture above, puts a ‘spunky’ and clever twist.


Cate pulled out her white converse for this outfit which, I love, not only because the classic white chucks go with everything but also because these shoes show a whole lotta character and adventure in those soles. That’s pretty cool.


 Oh, you fancy, huh?

With these pieces, Cate made the simple ‘Little Black Dress’ into a dressy, formal yet fun outfit! This is perfect for anything from a nice dinner downtown to a fun night out. You can see how many different ways you can change around things with a simple basic, black dress.



These basic, black booties can be warm enough for chilly, snowy weather but also perfect for a warmer, spring nights as well.


A chunky statement necklace really makes the outfit fancier but can also be the decision factor on what kind of look you’re going for! There are so many places you can get statement necklaces (which has been my favorite ‘go-to’ with not only my fancier outfits but also with my everyday clothes!)
To name some of my favorites…find YOUR statement necklace here at J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Forever 21, or Charming CharlieDSC_0356


Fancy in Plaid n’ Gold


This outfit, is seriously probably the comfiest ‘casual-nicer’ outfit I own. The scarf is also perfect to keep you warm on those cooler nights out without having a bulky jacket to carry around.


I wore my blanket scarf from Anne Klein, and to give it a ‘fancier’ look I wore these gold earrings from Charming Charlie!


My booties are definitely the most worn and versatile pair of shoes that I love. Find them here from Old Navy!

The Vest Dress There Is 😉


I went with a simple look in this outfit; adding a vest, necklace and pearl earrings. Not only is this a quick fix for those busy mornings where you accidentally hit snooze one too many times but it’s also so cute!


This tote is my go-to, from class all the way to the airport- which I also got from Old Navy AND it’s reversible!


The vest is from Old Navy-find it on sale here! I got the necklace a while ago but you can find similar ones here at Charming Charlie, which also has their necklaces on sale! The monogram pearls I got for Christmas from here!


These riding boots also go along with the warm look-which I got at J.CrewDSC_0414


I hope you all enjoyed this post, please leave any feedback below in the comments! Also a huge shoutout to Cate for being awesome and helping me out with her amazing modeling skills. See you all soon with a new post!


JANUARY Happenings & Favorites.

What an enormous ADVENTURE FILLED month! Miles of travels across the country and back {literally}, abundant fellowship, a new semester begun, and learning to serve others each day. Here’s to a great 1st month of 2016 & can’t wait for the next 11.


Student Leadership Summit {SLS 2016}

As many of you may or may not be familiar, SLS was a leadership conference run by FOCUS {fellowship of catholic university students} in Dallas, Texas. Me and about 50 other students from my college along with 3500 other students from across the nation were invited to attend this conference. Together, we grew deeper in our faith and distinctively applied a Catholic lens to how we can take what we learned and be leaders back at home on our campuses.

We rejoiced in the Lord through praise and worship, grew closer in meaningful conversation, deep prayer time, eye opening talks, mass and adoration. Importantly, this conference truly changed my life forever…I had the privilege of experiencing the Lord in an extraordinary way that changed who I am and how I live each day. I have a new and deeper instilled desire and a concrete call from our Lord to share my experience and to lead others to Him.

{March for Life 2016.}
Now this event was quite the story to tell, with 5 busses, 300 students…my college embarked on our 27 hour bus ride to DC to stand up for the 3000 unborn babies who are killed EACH DAY just in the US. Tens of thousands of others from all over the United states braved Storm Jonas in Washington DC in order to fight for the unborn and stand up for the pro-life movement. Click HERE to read about the ‘Turnpike Mass’ which occurred as thousands were stuck in Pennsylvania due to snow for 31 hours after the March.

Post 27 hours on the bus, we arrived in Washington DC on Thursday night. We were already expecting to leave earlier than anticipated after the march the next morning however due to the horrible snow storm in DC, we were not able to even attend the March! This of course, was devastating and frustrating especially with the extremely long ride but with a lot of deep thought we were able to truly reflect and think about why we make this pilgrimage and how we can be a witness to the pro life movement through prayer, fellowship and just in our daily lives.

-Blogger o’ the month-

My absolute favorite blogger this month has been Sara, at, she’s a lifestyle blogger who blogs about the college life as well as her day to day happenings. Her story is very inspirational and her most recent life posts speak to life’s unending road of twists and turns. Because of the things she’s lived through, which has inspired her blog, she has a deep desire and will to help her readers.  Let me tell you, I’ve used many of her tips/gadgets throughout this month, especially for the start of a new semester!


Check out my favorite posts on her blog:

The Ultimate Guide to College Organization

The Ultimate Guide to College Motivation

Why Balance Matters

All Things Fashion Related-

So this month’s major fashion favorite has been my booties, I wear them with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.

Michael Kors Pierce Leather Ankle Boot


I got these booties for Christmas and, man, I love them. They go with anything-I have worn them with cuffed jeans, skirts, dresses…I like to joke with my hipster friends about how they make me feel cool and grunge.


flannel//j.crew, leggings//lulu lemon,boots//above


Faux-Suede Zip Ankle Boots-Old Navy


top//target, pants//j.crew

By far, these have been my most worn pair of shoes for the past month and 1/2. The best part-they were so inexpensive but lots of people are so surprised when I say they’re actually from Old Navy! The only thing I won’t wear these with is probably athletic shorts or sweats-I love these shoes so much. Unlike the previous booties these have a heel which I LOVE!


Y’all-this photo was taken in the END of January! What the heck?! 65 degrees, clear skies and sunny! It felt awesome to pull out these Krass & Co. shorts. If you wanna get a gift for one of your friends or get a head start on Spring/Summer shopping-get 10% off your Krass & Co. order by clicking here!!



My favorite app this year has been one that helps me to stay on track with my work outs which tends to get hectic during the school week with all I’m doing! The “Swork It”  app allows you to pick any type of workout you want and you choose the amount of time you want to work out for. Their motto for the app is “No gym, no excuse” which makes it so awesome-because then you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your dorm room! {revolutionary, I know.}



I got both of these Anthro mugs (link here) for Christmas and have been obsessed with using them for my coffee in the morning!


I’ve been to mars and back on trying different types of coffee in our Keurig but my {by far favorite} Keurig coffee is the Starbucks Vanilla pods. It’s the perfect mix of coffee, sweetener without making your stomach upset.


My two favorite foods have to be the Caramel Popped Rice Crisps and Maple Sugar Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal. These are so perfect for a ‘to-go’ girl like me. I’m always running from one thing to the next so I love having these in my dorm!

Hope you all enjoyed January’s favorites-see you with a new set of February favorites in MARCH! Ahh, this is not real. 


Where To Get Your {FREE!!} Stickers!

Greetings lovelies!!


So…my friends at school can totally attest to this-we love stickers…stickers on our laptops, phone cases, water bottles, folders-you name it.
So for those of you who tend to rest in that same boat-I hope you LOVE and use this blog post to your advantage! Here are the websites that I have gotten stickers over the years…my collection continues to grow for sure! While many of them are free-some you can either get free with a purchase/order or they are very minimally priced. Remember to be patient when ordering your stickers-sometimes they can take a while to get to you!

-Click the link in PINK with the brand name and it should lead you directly to where you can purchase your stickers. If you have any questions-comment below and I will answer them as promptly as need!-


  1. Patagonia:
    • I’ve received several orders from Patagonia and every time they send me a different style sticker and even some decals! Go ahead and either email them {with your mailing address included} or fill out the contact form.
  2. Southern Marsh
    • Choose the sticker, fill out the contact form and you’re all set! 
  3. Krass & Co:
    • If you’re interested in these stickers-I am a brand rep, so a. check out my krass & co discount you can get (found under preppy with a budget) and b. email me and I will mail you stickers!
  4. Jadellyn Brooke
    • Click the link to fill out the contact form.
  5. Moosejaw 
    • I was so content with Moosejaw’s quick delivery and prompt arrival time. They also have several different kinds of stickers, go ahead and send them an email!
  6. Luxley & Bernard
    • Easy peasy contact form and your stickers will be on their way!
  7. Southern Tide
    • You can choose to either email them or fill out the contact form.
  8. Tiny Tulip
    • Use the coupon code to get your sticker.
  9. Marley Lilly:
    • Have your pick on the TONS of cute stickers. {I think I maybe have 10 stickers from ML!}
  10. Vineyard Vines
    • To get even more stickers-I like to go into a Vineyard Vines store whenever I travel, and if you ask they’ll give you a sticker unique to the location you’re in. I’ve gotten one from Chicago, Georgetown & Alabama!
  11. Sperry Topsider 
    • Go to the link and email the address given to you-stating that you would like free stickers, give them a good reason {such as wanting to promote their brand more} and don’t forget to include your mailing address.
  12. Chacos
    • Go to the link above and there is an easy contact form-I also received a few stickers when I filled out the form once!
  13. The Southern Shirt Company
    • These stickers you have to purchase however they’re pretty nice quality-I ordered up to a few on one order. Pricing is not oo bad!
  14. Monogram Stickers 
    • This is one of my favorite sites to get monogram decals and is where I’ve gotten them in the past-I’ve put them on my water bottle, phone case!
  15. FOCUS Stickers
    • Aka where I got my Pope Francis sticker on my laptop-seriously the coolest stickers but you do have to pay a small price for them!

When sending your emails to these different brands, often times, the biggest key is to be polite, considerate and convincing. Tell the company why you want their stickers and show them that they want you to ‘represent’ their brand.


PS. Any questions you might have, comment and I will be sure to answer right away!


Thank you, 2015.


January 1st 2015.

I licked the letter shut, grimaced at the bitter taste of the envelope seal. Where the heck do I keep this…somewhere I can find in exactly one year.. I thought to myself.

“Caroline: Do Not Open until January 1st 2016!” The obstructive letter addressed with the extra-bold heading, sat sitting on my desk, propped up against the wall-seeming to be gawking at me. Thousands of thoughts rushed into my head…the different events and milestones I knew I was going to be encountering this year. How would I get through them? What was going to happen in 2015?

2015…the year that I would have to choose a college, the year that I would graduate high school, the year I would hang up my goggles and fast-skin for the last time, the last time I would walk the halls as an EGR student, the last time going home meant going home to my 3 sassy sisters and the persistently overbearing yet comforting presence of my parents, the first time living 700 miles away from everyone and everything I’d known for so long, the first time not living 3 blocks away from my childhood best friends, and the first time successfully completely an amazing first semester of college.

January 1st 2016. Today.

I did it. I am so proud, grateful beyond measure, and glowing in awe of how much has happened. The struggles and the accomplishments, both, have made 2015 unique and truly has shaped me to be who I am today.

I have learned that I am my best when I surround myself with people who strive to be their very best every single moment of the day. This cannot be done without my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ-let me be clear-I am my best when I strive to be the person I was created to be.

{My Lord, I’ve learned such an incredible amount of seeking you this year and learning that, at the times that I feel my walls shaking from fury, frustration, envy and confusion-you are strong enough to cradle and assure me that I am Your child, therefore there is nothing to fear. Do not be afraid. I’ve learned to be satisfied with who You created me to be-this perfectly crafted hidden struggle of my identity, beauty and insecurity was my biggest struggle in 2015. This journey of truly loving myself is a journey I am still on today, but I trust that you will truly make something beautiful out of me. I need only to trust in You.}

My Goals for 2016

*{in no particular order}*

  1. Travel more, experience more of this world! Visit 10 places I’ve never been to before. Expand those horizons, unleash the major wanderlust part of me that’s been suppressed for so long!
  2. Change many of the ‘question marks’ in my life to solid ‘periods’ and taking the initiative to do so. So to explain this further…so many things in my life have been ‘unsure’ whether it be regarding terms I’m on with people or the faith I believe in. I am going to grow more assertive in so many areas of my life and accept the measures to do so.
  3. Become healthier by working out 5-6x a week and staying on my eating plan.-cliche, classic New Years goal but despite the cliche aspect of it all, this is such a necessity in my life right now that needs to be taken care of.  To help myself out and those of you who are struggling-I’m going to start writing posts regarding fitness/health! 
  4. Take blogging more seriously by sticking to a stated schedule and regime-posting 3 times a week and also adhering to my categories of posts as well!
  5. Gain trust in the LordBy attending mass more often, living out a life filled with the love of Christ and being more of an example of Christ’s love to those around me. 
  6. SAVE MONEY! This year I’ve decided to start a jar where I put $5 in every week then at the end of 2016 I’ll use the money to splurge on something or do something fun.

So as I sit here today, and about to write another letter to myself addressed: “Caroline! Do not open until January 1st 2017!” I hope and pray it’s another year filled with adventure, lessons, new experiences, growing and increased faith. I await all of the accomplishments along with bumps in the road that I may face but know that many great things are to come. To conclude, I’m actually interested in what you guys have in mind for resolutions, who knows, I might want to add on and this way I can gear some posts towards helping YOU out! So please comment one or more of your goals for 2016!!